• Nebahat Çehre – Nihan Özüm-Cenker
  • Aytaç Arman – Engin Cenker
  • Naz Elmas – Gülen Cenker
  • Rojda Demirer – Görkem Cenker
  • Lale Oraloğlu / Ayşegül Devrim – Leman Özüm
  • Cengiz Coşkun – Kaan Atalay
  • Damla Cercisoğlu – Sude Atalay
  • Nurhan Özenen – Sena Atalay
  • Cevdet Arıcılar – Erkut Atalay
  • Mehtap Bayri – Figen Demir
  • Umut Temiz – Atakan

“Candan Öte” is a story about friendship, love, mistakes that can change one’s life in split of a second, and most of all, it is a story about family.

Nihan and Engin got their divorce when their daughters were still very young: Gülen was 7 and Görkem was 6. Engin was a young ambitious teacher, and Nihan, although she loved him very much, could not live his life anymore.  After the divorce, Gülen went to live with her father outside Istanbul, while Görkem remained with her mother and grandmother. It is suggested to us that they see eachother often enough. 201312410498

After some years, Nihan wants to go to Engin’s house to see him and Gülen.  Kaan, Görkem’s fiancee, offers to take them. Görkem doesn’t seem very happy to go. Atakan, Kaan’s best friend, comes too.  Once they arrive, Gülen appears riding. She is very happy to see her mother and sister and rushes into their arms. Görkem is not that happy. bscap0005ej6Gülen meets Kaan and Atakan, and both of them seem to be mesmerized by the beautiful, happy young woman. While sitting together in the garden, a woman comes by. She is Figen Demir, Engin’s fiancee, but Nihan doesn’t know her. They meet somehow in the kitchen, and Figen makes sure that Nihan sees her engagement ring. Nihan is surprised, but doesn’t say anything. She silently suffers, understanding that Engin gave up on them for ever.


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