KARA PARA AŞK (LOVE ON DIRTY MONEY): 2014 – starting on March 12, on Atv


  • Engin Akyürek – Ömer Demir
  • Tuba Büyüküstün – Elif Denizer
  • Nebahat Çehre – Zerrin Denizer
  • Aytaç Arman – Ahmet Denizer
  • Bestemsu Özdemir – Nilüfer Denizer
  • Hazal Türesan – Aslı Denizer
  • Erkan Can – Tayyar Dündar
  • Tuvana Turkay – Bahar Çınar
  • Selin Ortaçlı – Sibel Andaç
  • Emre Kızılırmak – Levent İnanç
  • İlkin Tüfekçi – Pelin Serter
  • Güler Ökten – Elvan Demir
  • Burak Tamdoğan – Hüseyın Demir
  • Damla Colbay – Demet Demir
  • Bedia Ener – Fatma Andaç
  • Ali Yörenç – Fatih Dündar
  • Saygın Soysal – Metin Dündar
  • Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar – Arda Çakır
  • Serkan Kuru – Taner


Ömer catches the criminals in an operation taking place in Van. As a reward, he receives a month vacation from his job. Meanwhile, Elif who is a jewelry designer, prepares for returning to Istanbul from Rome. It is her birthday and she wants everything to work smoothly. At the airport, she is welcomed by her best friend, Bahar. Ömer comes back to Istanbul too, to meet his fiancee Sibel. They talk about their iminent wedding and Sibel desires to see the ring. Ömer wants this to be a surprise so refuses to show her the engagement ring. He drops Sibel her home and leaves to the police department to visit his best friend Arda who is on night watch.

Meanwhile, Bahar brings Elif to a surprise location for her birthday party. Elif doesn’t know anything about this surprise birthday party. Suddenly, many images since her childhood until the present days start streaming.  Her family and friends appear around her with a special birthday cake, and Elif is surprised and happy. 1558555_10152581480742729_1442226722_n

1655887_820478314636073_116955675_nShe is the favorite daughter of her father, Ahmet. He trusts her the most and is very proud of Elif. She has her own jewelry brand in Rome. Elif is too very proud that she is worthy of her father’s trust and love. Ahmet gives Elif a jewelry store as a birthday present. This way, he hopes his daughter will come to Istanbul more often and stay there with her family. Elif is very grateful for the gift.Picture 2014-02-18 21_04_19

 Close to midnight, Ahmet leaves the party saying that he needs to go the office. Around 3:00 in the morning, Ömer and Arda hear about a murder that took place. Arda asks Ömer to go with him to the crime scene. When they arrive, they find two dead people shot in the head inside a car. There is a man around his 60s in the driver’s seat and a woman in her 30s next to him. She is thought to be his mistress. Ömer is shocked to see that the woman is no other than his fiancee, Sibel. 1779033_452859234846022_488953077_n

And the man next to Sibel is Elif’s father, Ahmet. Ömer and Elif becomes players in the same dangerous game. Ömer needs to investigate the murder and find out who killed his fiancee. Elif finds out that her father had many secrets and that she is now left with a huge debt in diamonds. Her little sister gets kidnapped by Tayyar, the owner of the stolen diamonds.


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