KURT SEYIT ve ŞURA: 2014 – starting on March 4, on StarTv


  • Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ – Kurt Seyt Eminof
  • Farah Zeynep Abdullah – Şura (Alexandra) Verjenskaya
  • Ushan Çakır – Celil
  • Birkan Sokullu – Petro Borinski
  • Seda Güven – Valentina
  • Elçin Sangu – Güzide
  • Serdar Gökhan
  • Oral Özer – Mahmut
  • Eva Dedova
  • Berk Erçer
  • Nuri Alço
  • Sarp Can Köroglu
  • Barış Alpaykut – Osman
  • Aslı Orcan – Lola
  • Tuğce Karabacak – Nina
  • Sümeyra Koç – Havva
  • Şefika Ümit Tolon – Zahide Eminof
  • Zerrin Nişançı


The new tv series “Kurt Seyit ve şura” it is based on the novel with the same name, written by Nermin Bezmen.  The novel appeard in 1992, and in 1993 it continued with a second novel “Kurt Seyit ve Murka”.  The writer herself said in an interview that she received plenty of offers in the past, to let the first novel being transformed in either a movie, or a tv series, but she constatly refused all the offers. In her work, she was heavily influenced by Fiodor Dostoievski, Emile Zola and Leo Tolstoi; she worked hard on her novels and didn’t want her stories to be changed by others.  We are lucky that she finally accepted the offer from Ay Yapım and director Hilal Saral so we can very soon see the story of a loyal soldier and his blonde russian princess.

kurt-seyit-v-144416EEThe action takes place in Russia of Tzar Nicolai. Kurt Seyit is a lieutenant in the Royal Army, having behind a history of soldiers in his family, from father to son. His father, Mırza Eminof was also a harsh soldier and he raised his son in a military atmosphere. Kurt Seyit is bold and ambitious, but he also has a big heart and he suffers for every other soldier in his command that he loses on the field.

1656089_10151848482542100_1486055984_nŞura it is the daughter of an aristocratic family. She met Kurt Seyit in her adolescence and fell in love with him.  When Kurt Seyit was put on the death list for being loyal to the Tzar, he had to run away to save his own life.  Because of his situation, Şura’s family didn’t agree with their relationship, so when he ran away, Şura left with him. They both emigrated to Istanbul, Turkey.  It is the story of two people who left everything behind, their previous lives, their families, hunted by memories, but trying to live their love in a foreign country.collageKSvS

Kurt Seyit Eminof – he is the eldest son of Mirza and Zahide Eminof. He followed his father steps and became a succesfull soldier in Russian Imperial Army.

Alexandra (Şura) Verjenskaya – the youngest daughter of Julien Verjensky; when her father gets sick, Şura and Valentina, her middle-aged sister, accompany him at Sankt Petersburg to the hospital. There, Şura makes her entrance into the society. At a grand ball, she meets Kurt Seyit for the first time.

Nina – the eldest sister of Şura and Valentina. She is characterized by purity and inocence of the spirit; she will always lead the steps of her youngest sister, Şura.

Celil – Kurt Seyit’s closest and best friend since childhood, his partner in the Army. Celil is crazy in love with Tatya, a balerina at Balşoy Theatre.  He will always be aside both Kurt Seyit and Şura.

Tatya – daughter of a family of artists, she is one of the most important balerinas in Russia. Coming to Moscow, she meets Celil and they madly fall in love with one another. She will soon become Şura’s best friend, just like Celil is to Kurt Seyit.

Petro Borinsky – he met Kurt Seyit at school, when they were little. He remained by his side, but he is jealous on the life, family and love Kurt Seyit has.


Kurt Seyit and Petro have a fight over another soldier from their company, who shot by mistake another soldier from their company, thinking he was an enemy. Petro wants to write a full report, but Seyit forbidden him to do such a thing, saying that there is no honour in this. They already lost a man, it’s no need to lose another.  The next day, Seyit and Petro go to the widow to express their condoleances and Seyit makes Petro to give money to the woman. Petro gives her an envelope with money, but the woman refuses at first. Petro tells her that he is very in debt to her dead husband and he would feel better if she would accept the money for her children.  The woman fall to her knees, but Seyit tells her that she will never have to bow to no one from now on.

A ball takes place and all the soldiers are invited. Seyit pays his respects to the hosts and goes to drink with his friends. Celil is with Tatya, but the rest of the men are alone. Julien Verjensky with his daughters, Şura and Valentina, arrive.  Şura is totally excited by everything around her, so Valentina tells her not to look so surprised anymore and to act like a lady that she is. Seyit observes her from the moment she enters and seems mesmerized by the young blonde girl.  Petro is the one who rushes to the girl to pay his respects. The other guys laugh of Seyit, saying that he is afraid because the girl is too young.  The rest of the night, Seyit will dance will all the ladies at the ball, except Şura. She is dissapointed.  Valentina danced all night with Constantine, a friend of Seyit. Home, Şura askes her sister how she felt in his arms, because she was looking quite mesmerized by the man. Valentina tells her that she is crazy and that she should give up acting like a little frightened girl, because now she is a grown-up woman.kurt-seyit-v-144438VT

Kurt Seyit returns home to his family, taking his army men along with him.  His mother, Zahide, is very happy and grateful that her son is back home safe. Seyit makes the presentations and the soldiers are invited inside. They all have a nice dinner, then all the men move to another room to have their coffee. Osman, being the youngest, it is not allowed by Zahide to go at first, but he tells his mother he’s not a child anymore. The men are discussing about war and about what will happen next.  After the coffee, Seyit goes to a room and remembers about his childhood, over a precious box that his father received from Tzar Nicolai himself. Petro comes and tells Seyit he is jealous of him. Seyit smiles and answers him that he shouldn’t be, because his time will come too.  A little later in night, Seyit has a private discussion with his father, Mirza. The old man tells his son that it is time he makes his own family, and when the war is over he should marry a turkish woman. Petro overhears every word. 1966901_1387167491508127_1155269347_n

One day, Seyit and his friends go visiting the family that hosted the first ball. Şura and Valentina are also there, while their father is in hospital for his surgery. They all have a nice lunch and then Seyit asks for the permission to take Şura for a walk. They all go out: Seyit with Şura, Celil with Tatya, Valentina with Constantine. Later, they all spent the evening at Seyit house in Sankt Petersburg. 1964842_10151907305747100_1701154112_nŞura writes a letter to her mother. She tells her that the family she and Valentina lives with is very elegant, polite, everything is beautiful there. She also reassures her mother and her eldest sister Nina that Julien is getting better after the surgery, that he started eating normaly and they will return home soon.

Another day, they are all invited to the Opera House, where Tatya will be performing in Swan Lake ballet. Seyit is supposed to stay next to the Tzar himself because he is part of his Imperial Guard, and Şura is dissapointed and sad. Baroness Lola watches her from her balcony. Suddenly, Seyit comes and Şura gets happy. Seyit is mesmerized by the beautiful girl and watches only her instead of the ballet on stage. Baroness Lola is jealous. 12102_656858994377019_640519654_n


2 thoughts on “KURT SEYIT ve ŞURA: 2014 – starting on March 4, on StarTv”

  1. This series is one of the best of Turkish drama, the standard is very high, the story is a master piece, the production, direction, the actors make the story alive, I can not wait each week for the next episdoe, thanks to all who made this wrok.

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